ECO SOLAR brings in its years of experience in designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops. We recognize that open roof spaces on rooftops on buildings have an excellent potential in energy savings every year and the Net Metering policy in some states is in place. We can provide a complete turnkey service to provide a feasibility study, engineering, manage procurement and installation and commission the system to bring it online as quickly and efficiently as possible on BOOT /BOT basis.

We also offer our client custom-designed solar systems to suit the special requirements of aesthetic decoration or space. Special requirements could be solar canopies on roofs, covered parking spaces, covered walkways, bus shelters, etc. Depending on the requirements ECO SOLAR can design and install both grid-tied as well as stand-alone systems.
1. Grid-Tie/Off-Grid (0.10KW to 100KW)
2. Grid Ties/Off-Grid / Hybrid Solution (0.10KW to 100KW)
3. Grid-Tie/Off-Grid with Battery Backup (0.10KW to 100KW)
4. Grid-tie/off-grid rooftop solar power projects (Residential & Commercial)